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#5 rods under $50

Here is a list I've put together with a few rods I suggest. Good bang for bucks!

#1 Saratoga Snapper IIS

I have bought myself one of this, but the tallest one for surf. Has landed plenty of fish. Although it might don't carry a "big brand" handling & quality is second to none. Personally..

i love it !

This model has a 3-6kg handling capacity for $39 <<YOU CAN GET IT HERE>>

#2 SARATOGA BNR24 CAMO 6'6 8kg

Is a betweener, great for fish over 3 kg. It handles without a blink of an eye.

Has a nice camo grip and separated handles. Really like that

Medium to light fishing gear, I might suggest coupling it with a 4000 reel. Work like a charm

This model has * kg handling capacity for $49 <<YOU CAN GET IT HERE>>

#3 Daiwa Heavy Action Accudepth Trolling Rod

If you are after the big boys. You definitely wanna gear up.

Either if you are trolling or jigging for fat snapper. This rod wont disappoint!

At only $45.77 not much can go wrong << GET YOUR HERE>>

#4 Berkley Cherrywood HD Spinning

Heard a lot of good things about it. Personally I have ever used it not seen it, but if there are 100's of fishos are giving it 4-5 stars a reason must be there. Ain't it?

$46.77 <<GET YOURS HERE>>

#5 Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

Over 4 stars rating. Shakespeare had done it again.

Over the years has consistently windrows anglers attentions. Might be the slick design or the handling capacity. Whatever it is there it is folks.

For a mere $40.40 <<YOU CAN GET IT HERE>>

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