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Buying the right bait

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Fresh seafood" is paramount in today's life

Its fresh at the shop but has been at least a few days under ice in god knows how many boats and markets. So please. Lets stop calling it fresh.

If you are lucky, like we are where I live, to be near

by a fishing coop then stick with them. Might have not much choice but you know is good stuff!

They often have some mullet which is definitely one of my favorite bait. The flash is firm and oily. So when I find them i normally buy 3 kg, scale, gutted and filleted, than cut it into desired size strips, put them into Ziploc bags and salt (about 1 tsp) each bag. Let them set outside until the flash start releasing water and oils. Give it a rub and freeze it. I found this process makes the bait so yummy for them than often in the right condition i have to wait less then 30 sec for a bite. Works like a charm also with whole piclhards

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