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Daiwa Saltist LTD Spin Reels


  • The LTD is so versatile. Brilliant for bottom bouncing, trolling, casting and jigging, be it from Land or out at sea.

  • Automatic tournament drag is the top shelf of drag systems. It’s Invaluable at the strike as the smoothness from kick off ensures this nervous moment where fish are most often lost, is relegated to a problem of the past. The new reel design also ensures a more even wear of drag washers.

  • Lightweight, yet incredibly strong. The all metal body protects the gears and ensures all the power of the crank transfers to the hook.

  • The brilliance of Magseal ensures, that with correct reel care, your Saltist LTD fishing reel will last countless sessions in the harshest of environments against the toughest of species.

  • 9 corrosion resistant ball bearings provide a silky smooth ‘connected’ crank that will endure for a very long working life.

  • Daiwa have kept things super light. For example, the 8000 at 850 grams provides less chance of fatigue fishing, cast after cast.

  • Line capacity and a powerful drag ensure the LTD lives up to its status as a heavy duty blue water master.

The Daiwa Saltist LTD Reel is far from a toy. It’s a weapon for the most discerning of blue water anglers. You can tell by the Saltiga style handle, this gem of a reel is built for heavy cranking, built to handle the toughest anglers and toughest of fish. 15 kg drag it's not kidding! Love the colour, the handling, the smoothness, toughness and overall profile!

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