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Making burly

If your fishing trip are on a boat then you need to read this:

How may fish frames have you thrown out? I can only image...

Following up its a perfect recipe to make your own barley.

Place all your fish frames aside, in a large tub ideally.

Roughly for a 5 kg barely:

  1. Place all the {3kg} fish frames in a large tub(ideally the poly rectangular one from the fish market)

  2. Sprinkle about 500gr fine sea salt

  3. Let it sit stirring occasionally for 1 h

  4. Remove the frames.

  5. Keep the "Juice"

  6. In a pre heated oven roast the frames for 1 h @ 200 C ( they have to be really well dried & crunchy)

  7. Open up few large garbage bags. Once "toasted" place the frames outdoor for a few hours to dry up {shade}

  8. Once cool place all frames in a paint bucked and with a post or any other wooden handle crush the heel out of it.

  9. Add 1 kg of flour, the juice left over, 1/2 kg of corn flour, and 1 kg breadcrumb

Has to have a gravel sort of finish

Store it in zip lock bags freeze, and see the magic happening


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