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OUTERDO Head light. I mean LIGHT!

In the course of my fishing life I have had many, many, maaany head lights.

It so much better than conventionally cheap made headlights.

First thing first:

I had it on all night for 3 days and not a blink, has fallen underwater(which it made me think ;}

and it feels so much more comfy then the rest of them

The beam is off course where the product "shine" Shockingly wide and white

Another thing I 'd loved was the fact that you have another sub setting. With yellow ish lights. So if you do not need, or what to have the light flat out all time its a great setting.

Red lighting is a conventional setting to let other knows you are indeed still alive :} but yhea.. all up 8 setting. Pretty impressive

OUTERDO Rechargeable Bright Headlamp is used with super bright 6 LED bulbs, is higher brightness and wider light range rather than other ordinary headlights. It provides up to 12000 lumens of super bright light and the maximum irradiation distance reaches 500 meters, you can see the surroundings very clearly in the dark.

5 stars for me - Not a blink -

Without a doubt, definitely worth the money!

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