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Saltist 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel.


The Saltist LD Lever Drag series are built tough with a rugged full metal jacket construction with virtually all components being metal for maximum reliability while most competitor reels at this price point are full of graphite components. Built to handle modern ultra-strong braided lines the frame and side plates are all constructed of a single piece rigid aluminium alloy. Available in single or two speed the Saltist LD is capable of pulling in well over a meter of line with every handle turn, winding power is actually up to 30% greater than similar reels. Features

Fast one touch gear shift6 CRBB - corrosion resistant ball bearings Precision stainless steel gears, helical cut for smooth powerful winding UTD - Ultimate Tournament Drag Offset power handle with round EVA speed knob One piece aluminum frame and side plate Dual infinite anti-reverse on single speed models Precision ratchet anti-reverse on two speed models Machined aluminum spool

This fishing reel comes with 5 Years Daiwa Australia warranty.

The most obvious benefit Saltist reels bring to the table is the price. Compare them to Saltiga reels and you save quite a bit. Other benefits of Saltist reels are apparent in their features. They don’t offer anything better than Saltiga reels, in fact they sacrifice quite a bit. Saltist reels still have a strong frame and decent gears. They’ll handle medium grade tuna, Mahi Mahi or yellowtail effectively. The choice of three different designs is an obvious pro as it provides anglers with options for different fishing situations.

5 stars for us!


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