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So cool backpack

If you are like me and you like to be organised in a compact way. Than this is for you

Often, unless I am after big prays I like to be on the move, especially if I'm jigging for fatties flatties or breams.

This bag has everything I need, whenever I need it and the fact that has a strap designed like that it allow me to use it back to front, if I need to re-jig or things like that.

Its waterproof & good enough to keep your phone and belonging safe & dried

I love all the pocket here and there, making this bag a full tackle box.

It can be a pain to clean, but its washable so I guess its still better than having a had shell tackle box in the missus washing machine :}

I am overall pretty satisfied with this and given has 86% of rates between 5-4 stars I can confidentially suggest this Items to all anglers


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