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Thai green curry

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Most of the fish species fit well this recipe and its super easy :}

I know, I know, a nice crisp batter after a fishing day it's all you need but wait till you taste this

* Ideal for large flatties, jewe, kingy, stingrays, shark, mackerel, tuna, bonito or red snapper (flash is firmer - & I Love it! )

1. Prepare the curry "Pesto"{ make plenty now so that will last 3-4 meals x 4-5, people

In a blender:

3. garlic cloves

1. lemon grass root (chopped up)

2.lime peel

1. bunch of cilantro (coriander)

2. escalotts

5.green chillies

50.gr (about 1/2 medium root) Ginger

2.Kaffir lime leaf (optional)

2. stokes of shallots

Blend all together with about 100ml of veg oil

Store in a glass jar with a screw cap

Recipe x4 Better served with rice. If you are outa time use the already cooked up jasmine rice. Microwave it for 90 sec and you are good to go :) 2 pkt 200g each will do for 4

1.5 kg of fish. Filleted

4 bock choy

4 stalks of eshallots

3 steam of brocolini

3 green capsicum

3 zucchini

200,g of green beans

fish sauce to taste

2tbs sugar cane

2 tbs cornflour

2 coconut milk

1. Prepare all veggies diced up and soaked into water.

2. Eat your wok or pan. Really really smokey hot

3. Add 2tbs of oil and quickly right after 4 full tablespoons of green curry paste. Fry it really quickly stirring fast so that won't burn.

4. Add all your veggies but the beans

5. Stirring quickly add the fish. Mix it in the veggies and put a lid on. Do not touch it for at least 2 min. Flat out fire - stove

6. Add coconut milk and let it simmer for 5 minutes with the lid on

7. add the beans and let it cook for 3 minutes.

8. Blend 2 tbsp of cornflour with 100 ml of fish sauce and stir in the mix. Quickly or it will clog in one spot!

9. add the sugar, mix it through. turn off the fire - stove and let it cool for 5 min. In the meantime heat your rice up and serve into plates.

10. Finish your dish spooning the fish curry on top

Enjoy it!

P.S { I have got this for over a year and I wouldn't change it for gold << FIND IT HERE>> }

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