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Top 5 Fishing Rig

#1 Paternoster:

When targeting leatherjackets in the estuaries you could try using pieces of prawns, squid, pilchards, octopus legs, yellowtail, tailor, tuna, chopped up leftover pink nippers, pipis, mussels, cunje, mackerel and tube, beach and squirt worms. Off shore it doesn’t seem to matter what you put on for bait, but it does have to be tough enough to stay on the hook.

This is what I used at most for beach fishing if I am after medium size bream and whiting

#2 Running sinker

This is what I used at most for beach fishing if I am after medium size bream and whitings

3# Uni Knot

Uni Knot is a good and dependable knot for monofilament to terminal tackle connections. Its a must to learn

#4 Dropper knot

Widely used also in paternoster, mostly i would say. Takes a bit of practice but it does a pretty tide up rig.

#5 Blood knot

Half blood knot is used for securing afishing line to afishing lure, snap or swivel. When two half blood knots are used to join two lines they are considered as one knot and called a blood knot. A half blood knot is one of the strongest knots for tying a medium-size hook to a medium-size line such as hook size 4 to 4/0 onto line size 6 lb to 30 lb. Commonly used to connect shock leaders or , like I do :), when I have a good portion of line in the water and my reel line has messed up. It is a good cut and joint type of knot. Defineteley saves you from loosing 100's of meters of line in the water :(

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