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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

This package has ranked #1 on the net for a very long time and now you can get it for only 29.99

If you have been thinking about starting a new channel but overwelmed by too many gadget, I hear you brother.

And there you will find everything, no shit, EVERYTHING! you need to start your vlog or youtube channel or record your fishing memories

Tried several other strap and gadget but ended up in the bin no too long after.

Had my straps and tripod ( which are kids smashing proof ) for a while now and not a sign of wearer and tears. Has been loved and highly rated between 4-5 stars by 1000+ people. It must be a reason for it.

Its not overly complicated all tough all the knobs, bags and gadget can be a bit overwhelming.. until you get the drill :)

KEY GADGET ARE: Chest and head strap; Tripod; Belt strap, Hand handle; Car Holder; and Rest strap + Carry Bags



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